Thursday, July 2, 2009

Google fixes the bug in Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

The application proposed by Google to enable users of its Cloud Services to access Outlook from experiencing a bug that affected the search engine software. Google is corrected and made some improvements to Apps Sync. Google has put an early end to controversy with Microsoft after the bug in its implementation Apps Sync for Outlook. Now, The new synchronization app is called Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. It provides a way for users to keep their
familiar Microsoft user interface for e-mail and calendar functions while bypassing Microsoft Exchange Server. Instead, users connect with Google's Gmail servers in the Internet cloud.

Published in early June, the latter allows access to Google mail (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts) in Outlook. A way for Google to invest the business world where the mail client Microsoft is still so prevalent. A few days after its release, Microsoft has denounced the presence of a bug in Sync Apps blocking the functioning of the search engine of Outlook. Google ensured that this was not only the internal engine of Windows was concerned.

Now, New version is available for download. The dispute reached its conclusion yesterday with the publication of an updated version of Apps that Sync solves the problem and makes some improvements. For example, we can enable or disable automatic archiving at the time of installation. In addition, access to the Live Hotmail via Outlook plug-in connector is also restored. Users who have already installed Apps Sync will update automatically. The new version is it available for download.

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