Sunday, July 12, 2009

The competitor to Flash, Silverlight, is in version 3

Microsoft's technology allows the creation and implementation of rich Internet applications is now in version 3. Number of Internet users have probably already downloaded Silverlight, including those who have followed the broadcasts of tennis matches at Roland Garros on the site of France Television. The direct competitor of Flash and Adobe Flex has made some improvements and new features since the previous version released in 2008. Thus, in addition to support for hardware graphics acceleration to display high definition video (HD) full screen, Silverlight 3 manages the H.264 and AAC codecs.

Flows via the plugin available from Microsoft may also be protected by DRM, via support PlayReady Content Protection. The editor has also added to Silverlight 3 3D, and many graphics options (Bitmap Caching, Pixel Shader effect ). Another major change, the ability to install applications developed with Silverlight outside the browser and run offline. Silverlight's video capabilities have always been impressive when compared to Flash, and the new version boasts some new features that should keep the competition with Flash hot. It uses a media broadcasting technology Microsoft calls Smooth Streaming, an adaptive technology for playing the same H.264 video stream at the highest bit rate the device and its bandwidth limitations will allow. These applications can be launched from the desktop (Windows or Mac) like any other software. Security side, Microsoft has implemented the performance of applications in the sandbox with isolated persistent storage of data.

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