Monday, July 6, 2009

Browser plug-in from Finjan protects against links to malicious sites

Secure browsing supports Internet Explorer and Firefox. It examines the code of linked sites in real time. That is especially for the users of Twitter, Digg, Blogger or MySpace use. Finjan has under the name "Secure Browsing" a free browser plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox published. It warns users of services like Twitter, Digg, Blogger, or MySpace before the links that lead to Web sites rigged. The tool also supports AJAX-based email services like Gmail and Yahoo mail, search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN and Google's AdSense advertising service.

Secure browsing investigated the code directly linked websites, instead of a blacklist of URLs to retrieve. This distinguishes the plug-in of similar offers. In addition to links to websites which may be viruses, trojans and other malicious programs that shows the plug-in, a red cross, while a secure link with a green check mark. Links to sites that the plug-in can not be scanned, provides it with a yellow question mark. Finjan has been the development of secure browsing is concentrated on services, a scan without the input of user data. Therefore support the plug-in is not the social network Facebook.

Kaspersky had earlier this month warned that, for example, in Twitter messages Short URLs used social engineering beneficiary. A user can not see the URL of the site, which he will attend. According to Finjan Secure Browsing scans also with services such as tinyurl generated links.

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