Friday, June 26, 2009

Windows 7: Details on the availability of updated prices and the version without the Internet Explorer

The launch of Windows 7 tomorrow begins by updating the PC's bought with Vista (Home, Pro, Ultimate), which will be entitled to the equivalent version of Windows 7. An operation that will take place in three stages. Other information: Windows 7, not be called Windows Internet Explorer 7 E. The information has been confirmed by Microsoft that the program for upgrading to Windows 7 starts tomorrow, June 26. This is the "security technology" that will apply to any PC purchase until 31 January 2010 and which will be installed on Windows Vista Home Premium, Professional or Full.

Customers will be entitled to the equivalent boxed version of Windows 7 from its availability on 22 October. Thus, all net Book sold with XP will not be entitled to the security technology. A choice that threatens to grind teeth since Windows XP has been imposed on the net Book because of inadequate performance of Vista on these machines.

Officially, Microsoft will not require any extra charge for this update. "OEMs are free to pass or not additional costs,". Some PC manufacturers are in fact "customize the content of their machines by adding drivers, programs. This has a handling cost, ". It can therefore be expected to affect the selling price of PCs and / or costs. One speaks of "several tens of euros." The security technology is also applicable to the same boxed versions of Windows Vista that could be purchased during this period.

Besides the security technology, Microsoft has provided two additional stages for the launch of Windows 7. The first is a period of 15 July to 14 August. Users can reserve a copy of Windows 7 in stores or on the Internet at the special price of 49.99 euros for the Home Premium edition and 109.99 euros for the Pro edition. These prices are those that will carry Microsoft but dealers are free to set their prices.

Windows 7 Home Premium and Pro edition will be sold at the price of the upgrade is 119.99 euros and 285 euros. But curiously, the official price of Windows 7 has not yet been announced. Microsoft expects it to see how consumers react to these offers? In any case, we can get an idea of the price to such method by comparing those on Vista. The full version of Home Premium edition is currently sold at 199 euros and up to 99 days. One can imagine that Windows 7 Home Premium edition will be sold a hundred euros more expensive than its update. The Pro version of Vista is it proposed to 299 euros in update and 319 euros for the full edition. Windows 7, not be called Windows Internet Explorer 7 E.

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