Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Microsoft Anti-spam weapon "Sender ID"

Microsoft talked about the success of the company with its Sender ID technology in his own e-mail service Hotmail. Microsoft wants above all to demonstrate the feasibility of its approach, while the company's development authenticated e-mail systems forward by the origin of messages will be checked more accurately than usual. It is also perhaps the most important weapon used by Microsoft. The company from Redmond, Washington, represents the sellers of products for e-mail security funds available to the verification of the authenticity of incoming messages to promote.

The main goal is to restore confidence in e-mail recover. Sender ID is a specification for verifying the authenticity of e-mails, in which the validity of the server from which the emails come, will be verified. This technology is one of several approaches of the industry, through the flood of spam and phishing attacks will be met by the sender is difficult, to forge their addresses and by e-mail filter to be improved.

With e-mails that use Sender ID, Microsoft could, in conjunction with improved spam filtering, the number of "false positives", that is incorrectly classified as spam e-mails in Hotmail by up to 80 percent. In addition, Microsoft's investigation showed that "benign" senders of large volumes of e-mails that use Sender ID, the rate of false positives dropped to almost zero.
The ultimate aim is the responsibility of each individual user has and what new approaches are available. Microsoft believe this is of great commercial and technological value to the entire e-mail ecosystem - a solution that effectively costs nothing, at stations and receivers do not affect the performance and real results.

As part of its efforts started at the end of February a Microsoft program, in the company of the area E-mail Security money for the use of e-mail authentication protocols like Sender ID. It is open to all providers, the tools for filtering incoming e-mails delivered.

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